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Zebase has extensive experience in the design and  implementation of Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).   Zebase also offers local and wide area network audits, and operations management.

A Local Area Network (LAN) is the process of  interconnecting multiple computers on one site.  This allows for the sharing of common  information and from a single source and the ability to communicate with one another through  productivity packages that can include E-mail, group scheduling, remote software installation and task orientated "To-Do" lists.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is the process of  interconnecting computers from different buildings or sites into one computer network.  This allows for multiple offices to share the same information, connect to remote desktops and to communicate with one  another via E-mail, etc.

Since the process of interconnecting offices usually requires the use of  company's phone lines, Zebase can analyze the  telecommunication equipment of the company to see if a cost savings can be realized by integrating the phone lines with the data lines.  In addition, the phone company offers a  large variety of lines to interconnect offices.  Zebase can provide the necessary information  and analysis to give our clients the information they need to obtain the best service at  the best price.  We are also using existing fast internet connections (Rogers Hi-Speed Internet™, Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition™ Internet Service) to connect remote offices in to one network with minimal investments.

Data/Voice Integration is the process of  combining voice and data communications over the same hardware/cabling substructures.  This  means that a company can save a significant amount of money and resources by evaluating  their current voice or PBX phone systems and using this already owned equipment to provide data communications services.  This is especially cost-effective if a company is planning  to interconnect remote offices to one another.

Zebase has the expertise to analyze your current voice equipment and computer systems to help determine an integration plan that produces maximum quality at the best savings.

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