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          Zebase Network Secure Response (ZNSR)

Our Consulting packages combine a unique set of products and services that Zebase Secure Technologies will deploy to create solutions that ensure only trusted individuals are allowed access to your intellectual assets.  Zebase is aligned with the industry's most innovative manufacturers of network security solutions to deliver best of breed enforcement and management technology.  Our certified SOC (Security Operations Center) staff and Security Architects work around the clock to identify and respond to network attacks.  ZNSR solutions utilize a database of known hacker signatures and other anomalous behavior to anticipate and respond to assaults on your network.  In the event of an attack to your network, ZNSR will automatically lock down your network and re-configure itself to disable the attacks and disconnect the attacker.  Our SOC will notify Zebase's technicians of the assault and if needed, dispatch a Technician to implement additional preventative measures and/or repairs.

This is how you get started:

          ZNSR Step by Step:

  • Call Zebase for a Security Interview.

  • Zebase will come to your location in order to listen to your concerns and, with your help, determine your security needs.

  • An Internal and External Audit will identify issues occurring on your network.

  • If problems are uncovered a report is generated explaining your company's liabilities.

  • If damage is found, we report to you its nature with possible quick fixes and the needed sources.

  • A Solution based on our findings will be offered giving you various options based on price, equipment, installation, implementation, monitoring and management.

  • Your Solution, including required software and hardware, will be delivered.

  • After signing the contact, Installation takes as little as a day (depending on its complexity).

  • Staff instruction is offered as soon as your solution is installed.

  • Monitoring offers automatic security updates, break fix and attack response.

Get started by calling Zebase today at 416-825-5929 or send e-mail to

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